Delicious vegetarian food of Hue

Hue is the ancient citadel of Vietnam attracting tourists by the picturesque landscapes. Besides nature, the ancient beauty and its unique cuisine are highlighted features of the city. When talking about Hue's cuisine, in addition to delicious specialty dishes are simple but exquisite vegan dishes. Thus, if you have the chance to travel to this beautiful city, do not forget to try these dishes once.

The beauty of Hue’s vegetarian food

Hardly can you find any places in Vietnam that the vegan foods become as popular as in Hue. On special occasions such as full moon, Lunar new year, and Vesak, when visiting Hue's pagodas and temples, you will be invited to enjoy vegetarian dishes prepared by the Buddhists.

Moreover, vegetarian food is not only popular with Buddhists but also with the commoners. Vegan dishes widely appear in the food trays on the ancestral altar on special occasions and even in the daily meals.

For the vegans, a typical vegetarian meal just simply includes vegetables and tofu, sometimes boiled water spinach served with soy sauce, and fermented bean curd is good enough for a delicious vegetarian meal.

Famous vegetarian restaurants in Hue

When paying a visit to Hue, enjoying delicious but exquisite vegetarian dishes is such a memorable and interesting experience. In Hue, the vegan dishes are so various that hardly anywhere in Vietnam can compare with.

You will have the chance to try delicious vegetarian food such as rice, rice noodle, or even vegan fish, chicken and vegan spring rolls, etc. In comparison to regular dishes, vegetarian dishes are more preferred, thanks to their less amount of cholesterol and delicious taste.

Bo De, Lien Hoa, Tinh Tam, An Lac, Tin Binh, which are located in the southern bank of Huong River, are some of the famous vegan restaurants that you should try. They offer a Buddhism space and a wide range of vegan dishes such as chicken, lobster, pork made of vegetables, baby bamboo, pea, mushroom, etc.

A special feature is that all of Hue vegetarian foods share quite similar colors, tastes, and fragrance. Therefore, when tasting them, you should eat slowly to realize their unique flavor.

Some specialty dishes of Hue such as Banh bot loc (clear shrimp and pork dumplings), Banh Beo (steamed rice flour cakes with dried shrimp) or Banh it (sticky rice dumplings) also come with their vegan version. You can find these vegan dishes at Dong Ba Market, Ben Ngu or An Cuu on full moon days.

If you travel to the west of Hue, you can see “Pagoda street,” where serves a lot of vegetarian food with an appropriate price, just about 5,000 VND to 7,000 VND for each dish. You can also choose many different dishes at the food stalls on this street.

The way of process Hue’s vegan food is as aesthetic as that of Royal’s food. Therefore, on traveling to this ancient city, do not hesitate to try delicious vegetarian foods and learn how to cook them!